Erykah Badu’s Surprise Inspiration for Baduizm

Erykah Badu House of Blues Chicago March 28, 2013

Erykah Badu House of Blues Chicago March 28, 2013

I had the pleasure of seeing Erykah Badu live in concert last night at the House of Blues where she performed her classic album “Baduizm” in its entirety! She threw in some of her other hits like Tyrone, Window Seat, and Bag Lady as well. During her amazing nearly two hour set she gave us a few insights into the making of one of the greatest R&B albums of all time. She confessed that an artist that inspired her while making Baduizm was singer Brandy! She even broke out into Brandy’s classic “I Wanna Be Down”. Who woulda ever thought that the Neo Soul queen was inspired by bubble gum R&B princess Brandy? If you ever get the chance to see Erykah in concert you absolutely MUST go! The picture I included above was taken by me as she got off the stage and shook hands and posed for pictures with audience members. What iconic artist does that these days?! Love her!

What Is Going On With Lil Wayne?


TMZ is reporting that Lil Wayne is in critical condition and being prepared for his last rites.


On the other hand Mack Maine and Birdman are on Twitter saying TMZ is lying and Lil Wayne is alive and well.

Who are you to believe? I hope that Lil Wayne is fine and the story from TMZ is overblown. However history has shown that TMZ has excellent credibility with stories involving the LAPD and LA area hospitals. Either way, prayers go out for Lil Wayne’s recovery.

Update: Lil Wayne was released from the hospital several days after his hospitalization. His camp consistently refuted the severity of Lil Wayne’s condition as reported by TMZ.

Janet Jackson MARRIED! Plus She Smacks Down Old Rumors



Remember the reports about Janet Jackson and her beau planning a $20 million wedding? Well Janet Jackson just released a statement refuting those rumors as well as announcing she is happily married.


The rumours regarding an extravagant wedding are simply not true. Last year we were married in a quiet, private, and beautiful ceremony. Our wedding gifts to one another were contributions to our respective favourite children’s charities. We would appreciate that our privacy is respected and that we are allowed this time for celebration and joy. With love, Wissam and Janet”

Well alrighty then! Congratulations are in order for Ms. Janet and her new husband. Can we all agree that nobody is better at getting married under the radar than Janet? Some might argue that Beyonce is better but even though we never got an official statement or pics from the wedding everybody knew it was happening.

I’m going to call Janet’s play a touchdown for outsmarting the gossip and putting those old rumors to rest. Best of luck to Janet and Wissam!

P.S. I’m loving Janet’s throwback Justice braids! Decades after popularizing the style she is showing us she still got it!

First Lady Michelle Obama’s Busy Weekend: Jimmy Fallon & The Oscars

I love, love, love the First Lady! If I can ever be accused of being biased it woud be fair to say that about me and Mrs. Obama. So I was delighted to see a pair of high profile appearances from Mrs. O this weekend.

Her first stop was the Jimmy Fallon show which can always be counted on for a good laugh. There she dispelled the idea of running for office in 2016, but joked she had her eye on being the next host of The Tonight Show. Jokes or not I’m sure many people would love to see her host a show of her own. *Paging Oprah*

Michelle and Jimmy created another cute video to promote her “Let’s Move” campaign showing off “Mom dances”. I bet Mrs. O is waaaay more hip than she lets on, but it was still very entertaining. Jimmy was also quite convincing in his mom drag. Can you imagine any other First Lady dancing alongside a man in drag on national tv? Pretty cool!


Then on Sunday in what seemed like a marathon Academy Awards (seriously could it have dragged on any longer? Ugh), the big pay off came in the Best Picture category. Of course it is naturally the most anticipated award of the night, but the real surprise was when Jack Nicholson introduced the First Lady live from the White House! After Jack recapped the nominees Michelle read off the winner and congratulated Argo. Now I already admitted I’m a lil biased but I can’t think of it getting any bigger than the First Lady of the United States announcing you as the winner (well unless the President himself announces it).

Congratulations to all the Oscar winners (Poor Jennifer Lawrence for falling) and special shout out to nominee Quvenzhane Wallis. Stay fabulous darling and don’t let the negativity overshadow your tremendous accomplishments and talents.

She Say She Say: Mimi Faust and K Michelle Have an Altercation but Different Stories


Yesterday the rumor mill was buzzing that Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Mimi Faust and K. Michelle were in a backstage altercation at K. Michelle’s BB Kings New York concert.


Supposedly Mimi Faust was upset that K. Michelle said she believes Mimi’s new boyfriend Niko is on the “down low” during a Power 105 Breakfast Club radio interview. Rumor has it that Mimi and K exchanged words about K’s comments which ended with K. Michelle slapping Mimi in the face. Given K. Michelle’s admitted temper issues that wasn’t a stretch to believe. Of course Mediatakeout had to take the rumor a step further and claim that Mimi was rushed to the hospital due to a ruptured ear drum. Ok now that is a stretch to believe.

Considering that both K. Michelle and Mimi don’t let much slide I figured it was only a matter of time before the matter was addressed. Today Mimi and K. Michelle released dueling statements about what really went down.

Here is an excerpt from Mimi’s PR statement

Ms. Faust is currently unharmed and never went to the hospital to be treated for a busted eardrum. The incident started in the dressing room where K. Michelle simply hit Ms. Faust with flowers after seeming a little irritated with questions about earlier statements made in a prior interview.

Mimi added that K. Michelle’s response to issues is always “violent”. Kind of hard to argue with her there.

K. Michelle had this to say on Twitter:

You should not have brought your skinny ass 2my show talking crazy 2me. U got popped. U can’t get mad cuz I think ur boyfriend is down low.

Perhaps she “popped” Mimi with flowers or she could have slapped her like the rumor mill suggested. Either way, I’m calling out K. Michelle for Unsportsmanlike Conduct. There are dozens of ways to handle a situation where someone is talking crazy that don’t need to involve violence. Also, even if she is privy to knowledge about Mimi’s boyfriend Niko’s sexuality it isn’t her business to go on the radio and discuss it. Damn near every black man being accused of being gay is getting played out anyway, be more creative in 2013. Based on what I know I’m not blowing the whistle on Mimi but I suggest she grows thicker skin about what people say about her boyfriend.

Lil Wayne Throws a Tantrum and Adrienne Bosh Under the Bus


Lil Wayne has major beef with the NBA and an even bigger one with Miami’s Big Three. In Houston for the NBA All Star festivities he launched a vulgar tirade because he felt unfairly treated at a Miami Heat game. He accused the NBA of banning him from all games (which a spokesman has denied) and apparently hell hath no fury like a rapper scorned. (Full Story)


Where it really got ugly is when he claimed to have slept with Chris Bosh’s wife Adrienne!

Timeout…why did her name have to be dragged into it? True or not he didn’t assert it was a recent thing so it has no relevance to him acting a fool and getting kicked out of a game (or as the NBA claims “voluntarily leaving”). It is a total low blow to go after a man’s wife and mother of his child just because you want to throw a hissy fit.

Because of his low class play, I’m calling him out for Unsportsmanlike Conduct. Leave the wives, girlfriends, baby mamas, etc out of your beefs and go mano a mano if you really have a problem.

For her part, Adrienne is staying above the fray and not directly addressing the claims. Chris Bosh has also been tight-lipped. So for now it looks like Wayne is getting the last word in this battle.

Battle of the Blogs: Rihanna & Chris Brown To Be Engaged or Are They Broken Up?


One of the more comical things about following a variety of gossip sites is seeing drastically different stories written about the same person on the same day.

Yesterday the lead story on Mediatakeout was that Rihanna and Chris Brown were getting engaged that night. I thought, oh really? All last week there had been rumors that Rihanna and Chris Brown weren’t even on speaking terms. Couple that with rumors Karrueche Tran was discreetly accompanying Chris in Houston an impending engagement sounded far fetched. Plus it isn’t the first false alarm from MTO.

Well last night came and went and no news of any engagement nor any indication that Rihanna and Chris Brown were even anywhere near each other. This morning I check out Bossip and they are running a story claiming Rihanna and Chris Brown broke up right after the Grammys. Of course they added a juicy twist that it was supposedly over Drake’s affection for Rihanna.

So which is it? Are Rihanna and Chris Brown heading to the altar or are the on again off again lovers currently on the outs? I’m calling a fumble on MTO. It looks like Bossip won this round although I am skeptical Drake was the root of a falling out. It would be quite a feat for Rihanna to manage two Grammy performances a lovefest with Chris Brown and still have time to exchange texts with Drake.

Of course there is the possibility that Rihanna and Chris Brown are together but not altar-bound. One thing I can guarantee is it won’t be long before we find out and the next round of rumors gets buzzing.


Source: Instagram

UPDATE: By the looks of Instagram Rihanna and Chris Brown are on again (if they were ever off) in time for her Hawaiian Bday celebration. Maybe MTO still has a chance to pull out the win in this battle…


Dwyane Wade’s Ex Wife vs Dwyane Wade in the Battle of Inhalers


Dwyane Wade is taking a lot of heat this week! TMZ is reporting on court documents filed by his ex-wife claiming he is being negligent with his children’s health.


Siohvaughn Wade just filed docs in their ongoing custody dispute, claiming Dwyane “has never obtained any asthma inhalers or asthma nebulizer machines for the children since [Dwyane] was awarded children in his custody on March 11, 2011.” Siohvaughn says the ex-couple’s two kids both suffer from the condition and require constant supervision. But according to the docs, “[Dwyane] recklessly failed to provide the five and ten-year-old children with any medication for a life-threatening illness.”

So let me get this straight, Siohvaughn expects us to believe that despite Dwyane having full custody of his boys and access to world class healthcare, he has gone 2 years without completing a task as simple as procuring asthma inhalers? That sounds pretty absurd. And if you truly believed your children were without life-saving medication why would you wait 2 years to raise the issue? Now I have no way of knowing for a fact that Dwyane has obtained the necessary medications, but common sense suggests there is no reason to believe he hasn’t.

So I’m throwing down a flag on the play and calling a Personal Foul on Siohvaughn. She is either making up these allegations or she is telling the truth but is just as negligent and culpable for sitting back and letting two years pass without her children having their medication.

Gabrielle Union vs. the Mediatakeout Groupie


Mediatakeout is one of those websites I truly despise. They are notorious for taking a story and running with it (if not totally making ish up)…so it was no surprise when this morning they ran a story from a woman claiming to have slept with Dwyane Wade. To throw extra salt on the wound the letter included some digs at Gabrielle.


Also Gabrielle you are a little to old to be making Valentines day Photo albums. Leave that to the young girls your man cheats on you with. Dont believe me, i took a picture of the picture.

Mediatakeout claims that the picture the person is referring to is an explicit pic of Gabrielle in red lingerie. However since they declined to include the picture we are supposed to take their word for it the picture really exists.

Claims like this are made constantly so I didn’t really pay it too much mind. However, much to my surprise a website (TheYBF) I actually have come to respect as a more responsible source of gossip ran a story on Gabrielle Union’s response to the story. Expecting some subliminal tweet that really doesn’t address anything I actually got the complete opposite. Directly from Gabrielle’s twitter page was a clear rebuttal to the MTO groupie.

Here is what Gabrielle had to say:


Dear Batsh%t crazy loon, u seemed to have forgotten that u used the “valentine” pic on another blog last year when u claimed I was cheating. Take ur meds…

Which got me to thinking…what blog and Valentine picture is she referring to? Certainly if such a blog exists with the same story it is still out there. After a little digging I found a reference to the blog using presumably the same “red lingerie photo” supposedly sent to MTO and a story about a sexy photo album allegedly made by Gabrielle.

Here is an excerpt:

The football player, a member of the Giants’ offense, was confronted by his fiance after she found a book full of intimate pictures of Gabrielle Union in lingerie and very sexy positions. The fiance initially thought the collection of pics was something her man had put together on his own, but upon further inspection, she realized that these were not published photos, leading her to believe that he could have only gotten from Gabrielle herself. The photos were all accompanied by private notes to the NFL baller.

He allegedly admitted to his fiance that he had in fact been cheating and that the book of intimate pics had been a gift from Gabrielle.

The claims about Gabrielle no doubt sound incredibly familiar. And the fact that the blog written Oct 2011 includes a picture of Gabrielle in red lingerie it seems to support Gabrielle’s claim that this story is recycled except with a different twist of now accusing Dwyane Wade of cheating instead of Gabrielle. A cynic might say that Gabrielle makes a habit out of making sexy photo albums and sending them to her lovers; but I find it much more plausible that whoever wrote the letter to MTO (giving MTO the benefit of the doubt that they actually received a letter from someone) is just too lazy and unimaginative to come up with an original cheating story.

So what’s the call on the play? Personal foul for the MTO groupie and Touchdown for Gabrielle Union.

To borrow a line from Gabrielle:


Once again…just cuz loons are talkin, u aint got to listen especially when they can’t keep their lies straight…

And that my friends is exactly why I am here.

Did Beyonce Really Give Birth to Blue Ivy?


As my first post nothing is more fitting than to address one of the biggest pop culture rumors, or more accurately conspiracies, that I can recall in the past decade or so- Did Beyonce give birth to Blue Ivy?

I’m not going to recount all the various rumors and who started them but instead I will focus on the evidence.

The strongest evidence supporting Beyonce really birthing Blue Ivy comes from the woman herself. In her HBO documentary, “Life is But a Dream”, Beyonce both discusses her pregnancy and shows video and pictures throughout the course of her pregnancy. Unless you believe that she staged all of those images and video then it should be case closed.

However, let’s delve a little deeper. Since Life is But a Dream doesn’t necessarily make the chronology of events crystal clear we need some contextual clues to put the puzzle pieces together.

We know that Blue Ivy was born January 7, 2012. Given that Beyonce stated in interviews she was due in February let’s assume Blue Ivy came a month early and she was conceived in April. In her documentary Beyonce discusses being pregnant during the Bilboard Awards. That show took place on May 22, 2011 and at approximately 6 weeks pregnant you wouldn’t expect to see her showing.

Fast forward to August 3, 2011 when she filmed her “Party” video. Presumably she was about 16 weeks pregnant during the shoot. At this point there is no noticeable baby bump in the “Party” video. That could be the work of clever angles and costumes so there is no smoking gun that she was or was not pregnant. A few weeks later Beyonce performed a series of shows at the Roseland and wore just one costume that was loose enough around the stomach area to disguise her growing belly.

 In her documentary, Beyonce shows us exactly what her belly looked like at 20 weeks.


This coincides with the MTV Awards and when Beyonce revealed her pregnancy to the world on August 28, 2011.


On September 7, 2011 she was photographed in Croatia with a bikini showing off her bare belly. At that point you can see her belly is about the same size as it was at the MTV Awards. Considering that it was a paparazzi shot of her bare belly I think it is safe to say it was not a staged shot and she did not wear a prosthetic baby bump the week before to exaggerate her pregnancy.


Beyonce was photographed dozens of times over the following months in the fall and winter of 2011 with a growing bump. On October 10, 2011 controversy erupted when the dress, or as some would allege her baby bump, collapsed during an interview. Here is a simple question…why would one of the most photographed women in the world decide to fake her pregnancy yet go on a national tv show with a whoopee cushion for a fake baby bump? The notion she is some sort of sick vain illusionist trying to pull off the biggest facade in recent pop culture history yet simultaneously idiotic enough to wear a baby bump that can collapse by her bending over doesn’t really square. We KNOW Beyonce is very meticulous, controlled, self-aware, and methodical so to me it is absurd to believe she would be so sloppy and careless if her goal was to deceive the masses.


Back to Life Is But A Dream, Beyonce also gives us glimpses of her in a very pregnant stage. The footage shows her dark pregnant silhouette and it is more reasonable to believe that it is her and she isn’t wearing a pregnant suit.

Finally there brief glimpses of Beyonce in the delivery room shown during the documentary. You see her in the hospital bed, getting her hair rolled, and preparing to give birth. If after all of that there is still doubt in your mind then I don’t know if anything can convince you.

My call on the “Beyonce used a surrogate”, “Beyonce wore a prosthetic baby bump” rumors is: FLAGRANT FOUL.

There is absolutely no reason to believe that Beyonce has any incentive to fake a pregnancy right at the exact same time she is releasing an album. Her album “4” was her least successful album to date and did not produce any top 10 singles. Promoting, touring, and videos fuel record sales all of which Beyonce was unable to do at her prior levels due to being pregnant. There is no financial pay off (she didn’t sell pictures of Blue Ivy) and I don’t think “trying to preserve her figure” is a compelling enough reason to convince me she and her entire family would cook up a crazy idea to fool the entire world into thinking she was really pregnant. If she didn’t want people to know she had trouble conceiving she wouldn’t have revealed she had a miscarriage. The entire conspiracy defies common sense.

It’s up to you to decide if you want to believe bloggers and anonymous sources with no verified connection to Beyonce who can say absolutely anything they want without reprieve or the person herself and her family who have stated very clearly that Beyonce had her baby.