For years I have been an avid pop culture and current events junkie. I always love a good cup of tea but over the years I noticed more and more stories being blatantly fabricated just to generate hits on a website. To me there is something terribly unfair for celebrities to be subjected to manufactured scrutiny.

Back in the day these outlandish stories were relegated to the pages of National Enquirer or Star Magazine. Now, literally anybody with internet access can make up a story and people will run with it.

This is where I, the Gossip Referee, am stepping in. I started this blog to bring some common sense to gossip. Not everything that is written is true and it is about time someone calls out the biggest fouls and debunks the craziness.

Sometimes I will perform a thorough analysis of a story to help you all draw a more informed conclusion about its validity. Sometimes I will post a story and just give my personal opinion on whether or not it is bull sh*t. And when the gossip turns out to be a true story you can find it here too.

So….let the games begin!

Reecie the Ref

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