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Gabrielle Union vs. the Mediatakeout Groupie


Mediatakeout is one of those websites I truly despise. They are notorious for taking a story and running with it (if not totally making ish up)…so it was no surprise when this morning they ran a story from a woman claiming to have slept with Dwyane Wade. To throw extra salt on the wound the letter included some digs at Gabrielle.


Also Gabrielle you are a little to old to be making Valentines day Photo albums. Leave that to the young girls your man cheats on you with. Dont believe me, i took a picture of the picture.

Mediatakeout claims that the picture the person is referring to is an explicit pic of Gabrielle in red lingerie. However since they declined to include the picture we are supposed to take their word for it the picture really exists.

Claims like this are made constantly so I didn’t really pay it too much mind. However, much to my surprise a website (TheYBF) I actually have come to respect as a more responsible source of gossip ran a story on Gabrielle Union’s response to the story. Expecting some subliminal tweet that really doesn’t address anything I actually got the complete opposite. Directly from Gabrielle’s twitter page was a clear rebuttal to the MTO groupie.

Here is what Gabrielle had to say:


Dear Batsh%t crazy loon, u seemed to have forgotten that u used the “valentine” pic on another blog last year when u claimed I was cheating. Take ur meds…

Which got me to thinking…what blog and Valentine picture is she referring to? Certainly if such a blog exists with the same story it is still out there. After a little digging I found a reference to the blog using presumably the same “red lingerie photo” supposedly sent to MTO and a story about a sexy photo album allegedly made by Gabrielle.

Here is an excerpt:

The football player, a member of the Giants’ offense, was confronted by his fiance after she found a book full of intimate pictures of Gabrielle Union in lingerie and very sexy positions. The fiance initially thought the collection of pics was something her man had put together on his own, but upon further inspection, she realized that these were not published photos, leading her to believe that he could have only gotten from Gabrielle herself. The photos were all accompanied by private notes to the NFL baller.

He allegedly admitted to his fiance that he had in fact been cheating and that the book of intimate pics had been a gift from Gabrielle.

The claims about Gabrielle no doubt sound incredibly familiar. And the fact that the blog written Oct 2011 includes a picture of Gabrielle in red lingerie it seems to support Gabrielle’s claim that this story is recycled except with a different twist of now accusing Dwyane Wade of cheating instead of Gabrielle. A cynic might say that Gabrielle makes a habit out of making sexy photo albums and sending them to her lovers; but I find it much more plausible that whoever wrote the letter to MTO (giving MTO the benefit of the doubt that they actually received a letter from someone) is just too lazy and unimaginative to come up with an original cheating story.

So what’s the call on the play? Personal foul for the MTO groupie and Touchdown for Gabrielle Union.

To borrow a line from Gabrielle:


Once again…just cuz loons are talkin, u aint got to listen especially when they can’t keep their lies straight…

And that my friends is exactly why I am here.